Tectorian of the Week: Desert Bus for Hope


The team at Desert Bus for Hope is our Tectorian of the Week.

Once again this November, Victoria’s Desert Bus team smashed a record, and they did it all with a bit of song and dance, a lot of social media savvy, and a preternatural ability to withstand punishing amounts of tedium.

As you may recall, the Victoria Desert Bus team took over Fort Tectoria for a week as part of an annual week-long event that raises donations for charity by playing Desert Bus, the most boring and pointless video game ever created 24/7 with no breaks.

The cause?

Raising money for Child’s Play, a charity that donates toys, games and money to Children’s hospitals all over the world.

The Earningest Desert Bus of All Time

In November, the team holed in Fort Tectoria for 160 hours-straight of playing Desert Bus. The whole thing was live-cast, and viewers could pledge donations in exchange for silly songs, funky dances, homemade crafts, and giveaways.

The result?

We surpassed the Desert Bus 7 total (it was about $523k) and thereby became the earningest Desert Bus for Hope of all time!

Desert Bus 8 at Fort Tectoria raised a staggering $635,415.04 for Child’s Play, $100,000 more than Desert Bus 7 in 2013.

That’s right. The 2014 Desert Bus team raised


They broke a bunch of records in 2014. Read about them here.


Community Coming Together to Make a Difference

What makes this group true Tectorians is that it wasn’t just one person or one company that was responsible for Desert Bus for Hope’s success in 2014.

Instead, a whole community of Tectorians, many of whom have day jobs at Victoria technology companies, to pull off this magnificent feat.


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