Tectorian of the Week: Mark Lise

mark lise

Mark Lise is our Tectorian of the Week.

A UVic Computer Science grad and now the Director of Technology at ACD Systems, Mark has worked with a ton of different teams that have collectively created Tectoria from the ground up, including Flock.

Flock was, in its time a revolutionary browser, and the tech team behind the product caught the eye of some of the world’s leading technology entrepreneurs, who have been lured to Victoria to set up shop and benefit from the mad skills of Mark Lise and his fellow Tectorians.

ACD Systems itself has played a critical role in building Victoria’s tech economy. The photo imaging software company was one of the first Victoria tech firms to sell to a massive consumer audience.

An entire generation of today’s leading Victoria tech entrepreneurs got their start at ACD, learning the ropes of building a successful technology company.

Current coworkers say that besides bringing a lot of technical know-how to ACD, Mark is a pleasant person to work with.

“He also likes cats, which is cool. Actually, I think he is into fish,” says our insider source. “Seriously, Mark has been a great addition to our team.”


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