Community Chest – VIATeC Peer Round Tables


Did you know there are some fantastic peer round tables that take place monthly at Fort Tectoria?

Whether you’re a marketer wanting to expand your knowledge, a CEO looking for insightful discussion or a sales leader looking for professional development, there’s a monthly round table for you!

Marketing and Product Management Round Table
This year’s series of round table meetings has a focus on how to solve problems in marketing and project management, with a focus on case studies. Marketers and product managers of different disciplines and experience levels are all welcome.

The group meets the third Wednesday of every month.

CEO Breakfast Club
As the name implies, this round table is made up of CEOs, COOs or General Managers working in Victoria tech companies with sales in excess of $500,000 per year.

This is a very relaxed group, with energetic presenters and a great opportunity for exchange of ideas with like minded peers.

The CEO Breakfast Club meets the first Friday of every month.

The Business Development Round Table
This round table is for sales leaders who manage teams, channels or strategy for their organizations.

Presentations on technology, techniques and problem solving are a focus, as well as great conversation and support in a friendly environment.

This group meets the fourth Wednesday of every month.

To join any of these groups you must meet the criteria mentioned above for membership and be a VIATeC member. Please forward 3 or 4 sentences sharing your current role and your background, or your LinkedIn profile to so he can forward your membership request to the group leader.


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