Tectorian of the Week: Erin Athene


Our Tectorian of the Week for August 8th is Erin Athene.

As an Executive in Residence at Accelerate Tectoria, Erin is a well-known wise and friendly face in Victoria’s community of technology startups.

Erin has been there, and has done it all, which helps her guide, coach and grow ambitious early-stage technology entrepreneurs to continue the ongoing astounding growth of Victoria’s tech sector.

Erin brings nearly two decades of experience in a variety of roles, from management consulting to business development, communications, entrepreneurship, investor relations, and launching start-ups.

Erin’s Twitter feed is a great place to catch bite-sized portions of her vast knowledge and ask her any questions about entrepreneurialism you might have.

But what makes Erin our Tectorian of the Week?

A fellow mentor has this to say about Erin:

  • She’s busy, but always available to help.
  • She possesses a wealth of life experience allowing her to see things from multiple perspectives, with a sense of compassion and empathy.
  • She’s passionate and committed to making a difference in her community.

A prime example of Erin’s community-building attributes is her role as a champion of the Victoria chapter of Ladies Learning Code, aka “LLC.”


LLC is a Canada-wide not-for-profit group that is working to empower everyone to feel comfortable learning beginner-friendly technical skills in a social, collaborative way.

The Victoria chapter will hold an “Introduction to HTML & CSS Workshop” on September 27 at MediaCore and is designed for absolute beginners.

Says Erin: “We need to raise $1000 to show that there is enough community interest to support offering workshops in Victoria. All proceeds will be used for direct expenses required for the workshops, and extra funds will go towards scholarships for women who cannot afford the $50 workshop fee. ”

The Tilt campaign has so far raised $600, with 15 days left to go.

Update from Erin:

We’ve already hit our $1000 target, so our stretch goal is to raise $5000, because every donation is doubled thanks to VIATeC’s generous offer to match $5000!

To hit our stretch goal, we’re looking for 7 tech companies to donate $500 each, or 70 individual supporters to donate $50 (the cost of 1 workshop participant)! We’ve already raised $1100 with 14 more days to go!  We can do this Victoria!

Contribute to LLC Victoria’s Tilt Campaign here.

The end goal? Helping create new technology entrepreneurs and high-growth businesses – Erin’s passion.

In 2007, Erin co-founded Topaz Bridge Corporation, an enterprise software company providing HR applications connecting SAP to Microsoft Sharepoint, to save Fortune 500 companies millions of dollars in SAP customization costs.

Topaz grew from conception to first multi-million dollar customer acquisition, to a valuation of over $20M after only 17 months in business. Erin was primarily responsible for fundraising and investor relations, raising $1.4M in Seed and Series A financing rounds, closing by Q4 2008.

Erin has gone on to found business development startup MarketplaceREV Partners and, most recently Purpose Social Media, a coaching resource to support social enterprises, faith-based initiatives, and causes of global and local significance who want support with their online messaging, visibility and digital marketing strategy.

So, Erin is a high-energy individual with a strong community focus and a laser-focus on helping fledgling entrepreneurs cross the chasm and take their game to the next level.

Which is exactly what every Tectorian really ought to be.


9 thoughts on “Tectorian of the Week: Erin Athene

  1. What a nurturing spirit Erin has. From personal experience I know she will lead with encouragement, perseverance and enthusiasm at Tectoria. I am a feminist from the early ’70’s and I believe with all my heart women can be ‘masters of the universe’. I also believe we each get a shot at the brass ring but it is up to us to grab hold of it.

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