Hasbro Launches 3D Printing for Fan Art


Hasbro has a new idea about how to make money off fan art: 3D-print it. The company has launched a new site called SuperFanArt where My Little Pony fans can buy figurines designed by non-professional artists, created on-demand by Shapeways.

Anyone with a eye for design is encouraged to contact Hasbro to join the list of approved artists.

Hasbro, which owns My Little Pony, Transformers and many other popular toy brands, would start with My Little Pony with other toy lines proposed in the future. Five individual artists that have almost total control over how they design products with Hasbro’s pony toy line. Over time, more brands and artists will be added to the website, which was launched to coincide with Comic-Con.

The marketplace Hasbro is hoping to create is similar to Etsy, a website where more than 19,000 My Little Pony and 4,700 Transformers items are currently listed. Many of those items are made by sellers that likely aren’t paying Hasbro a licensing fee, and so by creating its own marketplace, the toy company can compete with those sellers.


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