Innovation Elsewhere: Name Your Own Exoplanet!

exoplanetsIf you ever wanted your own planet, now’s your chance.

The International Astronomical Union has invited the public to suggest official names for 20 to 30 planets found outside of our solar system.

See the invite here.

Over 1800 exoplanets have been discovered (1810 planets in 1125 planetary systems including 466 multiple planetary systems.

Astronomy clubs around the world will vote for which of 305 well-studied worlds they feel deserve more exciting names.

Once the list has been nailed down to 20 or 30, the clubs will be invited to suggest names for them through citizen science organisation Zooniverse. But there are strict rules. You can’t suggest anything copyrighted, or anything named after a living person or a person known for political, military or religious activities. Names of pet animals are also forbidden.

To suggest a name, you’ll need to be a member of an astronomical club. Or form one, make a website, and register the group with the IAU as soon as possible.


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