Innovation Elsewhere: Structure3D

Our old friend and honorary Tectorian (at least until he inevitably moves back here) John Mardlin, who moved recently to the Communitech Hub in Kitchener-Waterloo tipped us off on a cool new innovative printing technology.

John is working with a new tech company, Structur3D printing, that has just launched Discov3ry.

It’s an add-on product for desktop 3D printers, that will enable them to print more than just rigid plastics. Now makers can work with more friendly, affordable and flexible materials including silicone, latex, ceramics, icing sugar and even nutella:

The nutella gets Structur3D the press, but the exciting part is when the team will be able to enable printing of silicone for biomedical applications, as well as emergent uses we haven’t yet imagined.

Structur3D is running a kickstarter campaign that has been pretty successful so far, beating our funding goal in the first 24 hours.

Says John Mardlin: “I’m thrilled to be helping to empower the creativity and entrepreneurialism of the maker community.”


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