Tectorian of the Week – Young Jin Chung (June 6, 2014)


The Tectorian of the Week for June 6th is Young Jin Chung, a software developer at Unit4.

“Young Jin is a shining example of what every coder wants to aspire to in their career,” says Linda du Toit, a senior software designer at Unit4. “He’s also one of the best bowlers I have ever seen.”

“He has a razor-sharp mind that can see through problems and find innovative solutions that he’ll then implement without missing beat,” says e-Deliberation’s Jean-Daniel Cusin, who worked closely with Young Jin Chung when Young Jin first arrived in Victoria.

“Developers come in many styles,” says Cusin. “There are the regular ones who plod along day to day. Then there are the really good ones, who get the job done well, quickly, cleanly. And then further along that spectrum, you have Young Jin.”

But what makes Young Jin the ideal Tectorian?

Like many people who work in Victoria’s tech sector, Young Jin fell in love with Victoria, and decided to figure out a way to build a life here.

In 2007 he parted ways his successful software business in Korea, and moved with his family to Victoria.

Shortly after arriving here he (once again, like so many tech transplants) found a job in our growing technology sector.

And as so many people will tell you, Young Jin’s smarts, quiet drive, and sense of humour have helped make work more enjoyable and rewarding for his teammates.

“He’s a real team player and adds value at every step of the development process,” says Du Toit.

Young Jin has also embraced life as a Tectorian, taking up sports like curling (exotic anywhere else on the planet, but perfectly normal in Canada).

And like many tech workers in Victoria, Young Jin is a bit of a bike geek. What’s more, in spite of this fanaticism Young Jin deserves special credit for from avoiding becoming (so far) a MAMIL.


On top of Young Jin’s success, his wife Danielle is also a fledgling Tectorian.

A homemaker since her arrival in Canada (the couple have two children enrolled in local high schools), Nanyoung has spent the past two years studying with Camosun College’s Computer Systems Technology program as a mature student.

Danielle is doing a co-op workterm at JEA, another Tectoria software company.

And we’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from Danielle’s coworkers there.

So we’re glad that Young Jin and Danielle decided to make the leap, and that they chose to create a life in Victoria.

Who knows? Maybe their kids will one day (soon!) find jobs in Victoria’s growing tech sector, and become Tectorians too.


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