Tectorian of the Week: Graham Baradoy

graham baradoy

“There is something in the air in Victoria that makes you want to climb a mountain.”

So says Kiind‘s Graham Baradoy. Baradoy, a developer by trade, is a relatively recent transplant to Victoria. After working remotely with Kiind and cousin Leif Baradoy, Graham moved from Alberta to Victoria about a year ago.

And the move to Victoria seems has changed Graham’s life.

The biggest change?

Graham has shed 70 pounds, with more to go. He credits this achievement to the magnetic attraction of summiting nearby Mount Finlayson, plus all the other outdoor things you can do in Victoria year-round to keep active.

“When I thought about life in Victoria, I knew I would be getting healthier and happier,” Graham writes on his excellent blog.

But the real reason Graham Baradoy is Tectorian of the Week is because, since arriving in Victoria barely a year ago, he has jumped right in as a leader.

A true Tectorian, Graham reaches out to help others connect the dots to help build community via Whiskey Oriented Development.


Whisky Oriented Development bills itself as comfortable place to meet other programmers from around town, learn what else is being worked on in Victoria, and pick up on some cool new technologies.

And the group drinks and discusses whisky along the way. Here’s what they got up to in April.

And there is still more to Tectorian Graham Baradoy.

Software developer by day, Graham recently received his Masters of Science in Kinesiology.

The topic of his thesis? “A Physiological Feedback Controlled Exercise Video Game.”

“I used a simple feedback loop in conjunction with a heart rate monitor and an active video game to control people’s heart rates,” Graham says on his blog.

“To a computer scientist, this is nothing overly special, but in fields like kinesiology which do not have the strongest relationship with computers, or the nerds who wield them, a few lines of code can change everything.”

So, Graham is well on his way to expanding Tectoria beyond the boundaries of coders and technologists. He is what community is all about.

So, if you’re thinking about a hike up Mount Finlayson, Graham is up for it.

Biking the Galloping Goose? Graham can do that too. If you like whisky and coding, Graham will introduce you to new friends.

He may inspire you to climb a mountain of your own.


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