Tectorian of the Week – Christina Seargeant, MediaCore

Christina Seargeant

The Tectorian of the Week for May 2 is MediaCore’s Christina Seargeant.

Like that old Molson commercial, Christina Seargeant IS Tectoria. We see her everywhere, and we mean anywhere there is a tech-related event in Victoria, or a Victoria-related event somewhere else.

Other tech companies in Victoria have an open house, Christina is there. Rifflandia? Christina hung out at the Tectoria tent a while. It was the same with Rock the Shores, VIATeC networking events… she’s there.

But what really blew us away: VIATeC rents a house in Austin, Texas for our fellow Tectorians to enjoy SXSW:

Christina is there, representing Tectoria!

In short, Christina is an engaged, friendly member of the evolving Tectorian community.

And she also demonstrates some of the awesome, latent creativity that is turning Victoria into a cultural hub.

After she punches out each evening as operations manager at MediaCore, Christina turns her attention to her other project, csnaps photography, specializing in portraits and events. Her Instagram feed is really fun, especially if you like dogs.

Christina also works hard to organize the annual TC10K road race in Victoria, BC, and she has managed Guitar Hero championship for the extremely cool Video Games Live.

So Christina IS Tectoria.

If you see her around town, make sure to say hi, and then join in whatever fun thing she is doing to help grow our community.


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