Stand Desk: Automatic and Affordable

If sitting is the new smoking, we all have one foot in the grave. While many of us toiling away in the knowledge economy have to sit to get any work done, sitting for any length of time during the day may reduce our life expectancy.

So why not stand and work at your computer?

Stand Desk, a San Francisco-based startup, has an answer to that.


Billed as the “most affordable automatic standing desk so far,” Stand Desk launched a Kickstarter campaign and reached its goal of $50,000 in 38 minutes. Indeed, still with over a month to go, 886 backers have already pledged a whopping $339,435, blowing the original goal out of the water.

What makes Stand Desk so popular?

First of all, the benefits of standing desks in general are pretty clear: increased productivity, energy, and reduced lower back pain.

Standing desks can also prevent or reverse carpal tunnel syndrome, and standing for part of the work day can also prevent metabolic syndrome.

However, standing desks typically sell for thousands of dollars. They’re expensive.

Stand Desk’s price?  $399, just a fraction of what other standing desks cost.

Stand Desk is pretty cool. Simple motors automatically adjust the height of Stand Desk, meaning the desk can be used at sitting or standing height and adjusts at the press of a button.

Stand Desk is also smaller than other standing desks, which means it is easier to introduce into established office layouts.

Stand Desk made its product affordable by simplifying the mechanics that go into raising and lowering the height, with a range of 28 to 45 inches, which should accommodate people as tall as 6’3″. The desk top is made of bamboo or particle board.

Stand Desk founder Steven Yu and his Kickstarter campaign even made Hacker News, where there is a great thread with helpful hints about how to ease into using a standing desk full time.


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