New Twitter Layout

Twitter has been redesigned, and the new look and feel is said to resemble Facebook’s layout.

The Twitter blog announced the changes earlier this week, with the caveat that the redesigned profile pages are only effective for a select group of celebrity users for now, but will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks.

If you really can’t wait, you can sign up for a new account to take advantage of the new look.

While previously a user’s Twitter profile was a rather plain two-paned list of tweets, statistics, and hashtags, the new Twitter resembles a Facebook-style profile, with wide horizontal header images, bigger user pictures, and tabs for photos and videos, and followers.

Before and After

For example, here’s what Twitter’s design looks like right now for most users:

twitter before

And here is what Twitter’s interface is going to look like for everyone once the changes are rolled out over the next few weeks:

twitter after

There are several changes to how tweets appear on your user page, too. You can pin a tweet, forum-style, to the top of your Tweets as an extension to your bio, which is less visible under the left-aligned profile pic setup.

Your “best tweets,” defined by how much other users have interacted with it, will be enlarged to draw attention to them.

New accounts get the redesign straight away (so the best way to see what the new layout looks like might be to create a new Twitter account), and all other Twitter users will see their profile pages change in a few weeks.


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