Musicians, YouTubers, Web Comics, Writers, Bloggers, Indie Gamers, Video Producers, Authors, Podcasters, Animators, Artists and Photographers… UNITE!

Unlike other fundraising services which raise for a single big event, Patreon is for creators who create a stream of smaller works.

For creators
The benefits of using Patreon are endless. This platform allows you to raise funds to work on what you love. Interact with your top fans on your activity feed where photos, videos, etc. can be posted and commented on. Give back to your fans with rewards, those who want to engage with you will be rewarded for doing so… it really is a win/win.

For the fans
Looking for the inside edge on getting the goods first? Patreon allows fans to receive timely updates from creators as they are creating the things you love. And don’t miss out on the rewards! If your favourite creators are feeling generous, you could receive anything from pre-sell concert tickets, downloads, personal gifts, hangouts, or anything else they can offer as a way to thank you for your patronage.

Still not sure how it works? This video will help you make sense of it all….


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