OSVehicle Tabby


We know Tectorians love electric cars. Our last Tectoria Social Club meeting featured Tesla and it was a packed house. Well, if the Tesla is out of reach maybe the Tabby is more your speed.

Tabby is an open sourced electric vehicle that you can build yourself in an hour. That’s right, in less time than people in other cities commute each day you can build your own electric car. And if you’re the engineers that helped develop it, you can cut that time to 41 minutes flat.

TABBY is the first open source framework for the creation vehicles. It has been defined as the “Ikea Car”.  It is a versatile platform that can be used to bootstrap businesses, to create your own vehicle, for education purposes, and much more.

Although the OSVehicle Tabby kit does not include things like doors, body panels and a windshield, you most definitely can still drive it.

OSV is taking pre-orders for the Tabby starter kit, with both the two-seater and four-seater configurations.  Add a battery pack, electric powertrain and seats, and you have an electric vehicle that can top out around 50 mph for just under $4,000.<

All the plans and blueprints for TABBY can be downloaded in the website’s download section. You are welcome and encouraged to improve the designs, work on them, and upload them to share your ideas with the community through the OSV forum.

OSVehicle: TABBY Timelapse from OSVehicle on Vimeo.


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