Tectorian of the Week

AXYS Technologies began in 1974 with a consulting contract with Environment Canada. They were asked to conduct a study on waves that eventually resulted in several marine technology devices. From there they never stopped and eventually AXYS was designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing sensors not only across Canada but also the world. Their sensors can be found on Canada’s  ‘Marine Weather Buoy Network’ as well as buoy networks in Italy, Columbia, Spain, Portugal, the United States and Brazil.


HydroLevel Mini was developed to accurately measure water levels from a buoy.

Recently The Chronicle Herald, out of Nova Scotia, published a story that provides a real world example of AXYS Technologies sensors saving lives and providing real economic benefits to Eastern Canada. The ‘SmartATLANTIC Herring Cove Buoy’ project was completed using AXYS sensors designed to tell, among other things, if a storm is approaching. For harbour pilots, who themselves assist other ships in dangerous and congested waters, it can literally be a lifesaver. One safety concern in particular, harbour pilots getting on and off ships via rope ladder, should get much less dangerous. There are about 3,000 such transfers per year which typically result in at least one fatality per season. This project has been a 10 year undertaking, involves a network of buoys, associated AXYS sensors, a website and of course the many dedicated professionals in the Nova Scotia marine industry. The project is projected to save taxpayers $2.6M per year due to less ocean related accidents and fatalities.

Arctic Lake Monitoring System deployed in Noell Lake to collect data year-round.

Arctic Lake Monitoring System deployed in Noell Lake to collect data year-round.

AXYS also just finished filling an order for an Oceanographic Ocean Institute in Ecuador. News like this, after 40 years in business, is actually starting to become common place. They continue to push, developing new products, markets and revenue streams. Many people outside of VIATeC wouldn’t even know this company, based out of Sidney, even exists. Yet there they are, day after day, quietly getting things done on a world stage. They continue to successfully compete head to head with some of the biggest companies in the world while being an inspiration to all of us here at home. AXYS – our hats are off to you and your entire team.


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