Foam Sweet Foam

This past Christmas we really wanted to do something that would be memorable and put the tech community on the map. We decided to get involved in Victoria’s famed Santa Day parade. Of course simply participating wasn’t going to be enough. Having one of the best floats was an obvious pre-requisite of this project. Once we decided on the parade it just seemed natural that Freddy (the robot we use for our tech awards) should represent us to the community at large. At some point Dan came up with the idea of having Freddy ride a rocket which left us with one final piece to our puzzle. Who was going to bring this idea to life? Enter Ultimate Foam Creations.

While we did commission UFC to create Freddy and his trusty rocket, we did so on a (very) short deadline. Freddy was ready on time and did a great job representing VIATeC to the 40,000+ people who attended the parade. While there were some amazing floats there – few got as many looks from kids as our giant, multi-coloured, lights flashing, steam shooting, robot riding a rocket in the back of a 61 Chevy pickup with Dan at the wheel.

James Paquin and a rotating group of artists have been operating in Victoria at UFC for just over a year now. We needed their help and they came through. Their use of foam as an artistic medium allows the creation of 3-D pieces that are both lightweight, and at the same time durable, thanks to the hard coating they apply to their pieces. If you want to see more of their work (3-D signs, moveable set backgrounds, custom work trucks, etc) check out their website. If you just want to see more of Freddy go here.


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