Results are in for the Food Bank Challenge

Food Bank Challenge

Food Bank Challenge

What’s less predictable than the NCAA Final Four?  The lengths Victoria tech companies will go to raise money for a worthy cause.

For three weeks, dozens of Tectoria companies competed to see who could raise the most food and money for The Mustard Seed Food Bank.

Keep in mind that we’ll be accepting donations at Discover Tectoria today as well, so these totals aren’t complete.  However, look how much we’ve raised so far!

  • Total Cash: $81,297.22
  • Total Pounds of Food: 3,440
  • Total Combined Value: $89,897.22
  • Grand Total Since 2002: $1,663,354.22

Everyone involved should be INCREDIBLY proud of themselves. The team results and final numbers will be announced at tonight’s VIATeC Christmas Party, and what a great reason to celebrate.

So how did these companies raise so much food and money? Creativity baby, creativity.

They jumped in the ocean, one CEO did so while still wearing his suit, they dawned Sumo Wrestler Suits and sparred below Wharf St, there were canned food tower competitions, silent auctions, ridiculous outfits, a ton of tweeting and posting, and a great deal of good old fashioned generosity.

Here’s a small snippet of what we saw…….. The first Harbour Hop, (yes, there were two) I can personally attest to being cold as hell.  However, when Helm CEO, Ron deBruyne jumped in a week later, it was literally freezing outside.  Well done Ron, well done.  They even made the paper!

Ron deBruyne takes a dip for charity

Ron deBruyne takes a dip for charity

Will Helm win the Food Bank Challenge? Or will it be Quimper, Contech, Smart Dolphin, Starfish, or one of the many other incredible companies that have made such a massive difference in the lives of their neighbours this Christmas?

You’ll find out this evening at the VIATeC Christmas Party.  Can’t make the party? Don’t worry.  We’ll have all of the Food Bank Challenge results, AND a full recap of Discover Tectoria, the Christmas Party and more, in our very special Christmas Newsletter edition next week.

by Steve Hof


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