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Think you Know your Victoria Geography?

Can you tell us where these photos from days gone by were taken?

We’ve gone with five fairly easy ones this week, just to get off to a quick start….

Leave your guesses in the comments below, and try to guess the year as well.

Photo #1

Old Vic Pic 1

Photo #2

Old Vic Pic 2

Photo #3

Old Vic Pic 3

Photo #4

Old Vic Pic 4

Photo #5

Old Vic Pic 5

Like I said, these ones were pretty easy.  If anyone gets them all right, we’ll kick up the difficulty level a bit.

by Steve Hof


5 thoughts on “Think you Know your Victoria Geography?

  1. #1 – Standard Furniture, south side of Yates between Douglas and Blanshard. Burned down late 80’s, picture is from 1960.
    #2 – Douglas and View, looking West. Late 70’s.
    #3 – Wharf Street looking south form the bottom of Fort, around 1890
    #4 – ….?
    #5 – Hillside and Quadra, late 50s?

  2. #1: Scott Building (current home of VIATeC), 1965
    #2: Bay Centre, 1975
    #3 : Wharf Street, 1890
    #4: Customs Building on Wharf Street, 1870
    #5: Hillside at Quadra Street, 1963

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