Your Free PR Opportunity Awaits


Hello People of Tectoria!

Your friends at VIATeC have decided to start sharing all of the great stories that Tectoria has to offer. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur, an Accelerator program mentor, a college student with a grand idea, a teacher with an inspirational tale, or simply a Victoria resident who’s been positively influenced by our number 1 sector, LET US KNOW!!!!

How do you let us know? Great question.  In a perfect world you’d type up a 150 – 650 word article, attach it and a few pictures to an email and send it to us.  From time to time, however, we will have time to interview people and write the articles for them.   Did I emphasize ‘from time to time’ enough?  But seriously folks, we want to promote you, your business, and how you fit into the Tectoria story.  YOU, however, have to take the first step.

So, if you’d like some free PR, please send your stories and pics to me, Steve Hof, at  PIKO does a lot of marketing work for VIATeC and our offices are actually here in VIATeC’s Accelerator Building at 2659 Douglas St.  So next time you’re in the neighbourhood, feel free to come introduce yourself and ask us any further questions you may have.

Cheers!  Now let the storytelling begin!

by Steve Hof


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