Daniels Electronics sold for $25 million

Victoria’s technology firms continue to attract attention from the world’s movers and shakers. Last week, Daniels Electronics was sold to an Australian company called Codan for 25 million. The deal will be completed later this week, according to the Times Colonist.

When the deal closes, Daniels will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Codan, retaining its brand and its 73 employees. Manufacturing, research and development will remain in Victoria. “And if we can grow international sales, which is the whole goal, we will do more manufacturing and more R&D in Victoria and that’s great news,” Gerry Wight, Daniels’ vice-president of sales and marketing, said.

Daniels – which sells most of its products in North America – designs and manufactures radio communications systems.  The company has a long history in this province. It was founded in 1950 by F. Gordon Daniels a former  telegraph operator at the Merry Island Lighthouse off the northern coast of British Columbia. He also helped establish a regional radio network for the police in northern BC.


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