Wifarer develops visitor app for Royal BC Museum

I love this story in today’s Victoria Times-Colonist. Victoria tech firm Wifarer has developed a software system for the Royal B.C. Museum. Visitors will be able to use the app with handheld devices and it’s design to improve the whole experience inside the building.

The app serves as a map, a path-finding tool and a source of information for visitors as they pass particular exhibits. It identifies a user’s location in real time and draws a path to exhibits.

While the Royal B.C. Museum is the first museum to use the product, the system was introduced at the Shops at Prudential Center in Boston and is being tested at some of the largest hospitals, airports, convention centres and stadiums in North America.

The app will also be introduced in the next few months at the Bay Centre in Victoria and Vancouver International Airport. Philip Stanger, Wifarer’s chief executive, said the company makes money by selling the software to venues and believes the enduser should not have to pay for the app. “It’s a service the venue provides the user for engagement,” he said.

We have a family pass for 12 months to the Museum, which attracts a lot of visitors all year round – I can see many people using this app.

Wifarer’s mission is to help venues improve their visitor experience. I can think of a few airports that need its technology very badly.


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