What does a school technologist in Victoria do?

A quick browse through the VIATEC job board reveals there is no shortage of open positions for folks in the technology industry in Victoria. One job caught my eye – school technologist. When I was at primary school, technology didn’t exist outside of the black and white television that was kept in the gym. The Internet was an impossible dream.

Even during my college years (1986-1989), there was a single Apple Mac available to the entire department of several hundred students and teachers where I studied. My children are growing up in a much different world here in Victoria and they expect technology to be everywhere, and that includes schools.

What does a school technologist do?  According to the job description from the Greater Victoria School District….

 The School Technologist’s (ST) primary responsibility is the administration and maintenance of school educational networks including servers, workstations, and supporting school staff. This position is required to install computer software, configure hardware systems, maintain current network configurations and troubleshoot network and software problems on a variety of different platforms that may include Windows and Macintosh. The ST works with the Help Desk in implementing and maintaining the service delivery of technology to the school. Duties may include providing advice related to technology purchases, installation and support of client access devices and printers, and software evaluation. The successful applicant will work in an environment of numerous and varied applications running on a wide range of computers and operating systems and supports both current and legacy technology.

So there you go.

(Image courtesy of the Greater Victoria School District)


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